Raider Records first single released during passing period

Haley Ford, Staff Reporter, Wylie East Blue Print December 19, 2018

Neat notes Looking over new songs, Raider Records club sponsor Mr. Levi Turner hosts a meeting for his club “Raider Records.” The club has 10 students, ranging from songwriters to marketers. “I love music, singing and rapping,” senior Aaron Masters said. photo credit: Dylan Ashley

Students continued their usual day walking to second period but that dull routine was brightened by economics teacher Mr. Turner and senior Aaron Masters’ new song “Luh’ A Level Up.”

Masters and Mr. Turner produced the song earlier this school year. It made its debut for the entire school during passing periods Oct. 17.

“Everyone likes it and is even saying it’s the best song on the intercom,” Masters said.

The song was created in “Raider Records,” the school’s music business club. The club teaches students how to be successful in the music industry, like how to audio engineer, produce and license.

“I noticed last year that some students didn’t have a music outlet. I wanted to create a club for them,” said Turner.

The song’s lyrics, sung by Masters, mirror this year’s Wylie Way theme “Leveling Up.” The theme was Mr. Turner and Masters’ main inspiration for creating this song. The lyrics reference Principal Mike Williams’ signature phrase “Live your Dash” and boasts being a part of the Raider legacy.

Throughout the song, Masters describes Wylie East as being on a new level of excellence and even the “best school in the state.”

“All of our songs are school-related and will be about one specific thing in the school,” Mr. Turner said.

Raider Records has released music in the past and plans on releasing more this year. Masters hints towards 10 to 20 more songs coming out.

“I want to release as many songs as I can. The music video for “Luh’ A Level Up” is already being shot,” Turner said.

Video by Raider Records club members Aaron Masters, Jake Nicholls, Langdon Gonzales and Caleb Watkins. 


This article was originally written for the Wylie East Blue Print.


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