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Joan Lavaki

About Joan >

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Joan is a 2019 Wylie East Graduate! She is one of the first artists to write and perform her music for Raider Records. Joan laid the foundation for many Raider Records artists for years to come! She is currently pursuing her post-secondary education.

Supah & EZD

About Supah & EZD >


This duo formed during the 2019 school year and have pumped out one of Raider Records' hottest singles of the year, "Lui Drip". EZD and Supah are well on their way to musical greatness!

Nyah & The Boys

About N&TB>


This group came together during the 2019 school year and consists of Nyah (vocalist), Landon (Guitarist), and Jason (Bassist). Colton has been their main producer, but the group has been working with many artists, musicians, and producers from Raider Records.

Jackson Carter

About Jackson Carter>


Jackson Carter's production style has fueled many Raider Records songs! His production efforts have helped 5+1, N&TB, and several Raider Records artists find success in the club! 


About 5+1>


5+1 is a collection of 6 writers, musicians, producers, and rappers that formed in 2019 under the Raider Records Music Business Club. These talented students have produced several songs that are sure to get you into a groove!


About Akin>


Akin's ability to deliver rap phrases has been one of the highlights of the 2019 Raider Records year! Akin collaborates with several producers and rappers within the Raider Records club!

JT Mann

About JT Mann>


JT Mann released a very popular song during the 2018-2019 school year before joining Raider Records! He was able to carry that success further with the release of "Next Up"!